The birth of Storm.

Storm festival was an idea which popped up more than a decade ago. It was the days before the millennium and the buzzword then was “War of the DJs”. It was Sachin (Director of LiquidSpace Entertainment) who spotted the irony in this; DJs don’t have wars, they make music. So Sachin, came up with the concept of “United DJs” a platform where various DJs specializing in various genres of music would come together and spin their magic on one platform.

This concept was brainstormed with his elder brother Lavin (MD, Liquidspace Entertainment) fondly called as Annaiah, by Sachin and then by everyone else known to them. He found the concept worth exploring. Thus the concept of United DJs in the beautiful landscape of Coorg came by and was tweaked further to STORM. India's first eco-conscious music festival, it took Sachin 10 long years to bring the seed of an idea to reality. In fact, a lot of innovations he had ideated for Storm were seen in a lot of events Sachin and Lavin produced under the Liquidspace banner, as well as others. Still, the concept of Storm was intact and untouched, a full scale camp out music festival in the hills. That was unexplored territory, unseen landscape. Somebody had to thread the way, and the 2 brothers along with a brother from another mother (Vincent Samuel) took up the responsibility of starting it up together.

There are many concepts that make Storm different. The care to the eco system is just one of them. Storm is their passion to nature and music. It celebrates togetherness, camaraderie and a religion called Music. That is why it is designed to be a camp-out music festival. It is an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, an escapade to unwind the souls which are bound by the stress of work life. Storm also celebrates freedom from the binding pressure of city life.

Having said all this, Storm Festival strictly adheres to a “No Drug” policy. Storm festival stands for one thing, that is “Responsible sensuality.” Anyone attending the Storm festival is requested to reciprocate the love and care, the environment has given us all throughout.